“De essentie van het moment. Elk moment. Dat zien. Dat doorzien en het vervolgens op spectaculaire juiste wijze vastleggen. Dát nu is fotografie die het platvloerse alledaagse ontstijgt. Verzeker u van vakmanschap gebaseerd op talent, instinct en de wijsheid die jaren ervaring met zich meebrengt. Al die elementen tezamen hebben een naam: Onno van Middelkoop”.
Marco Termes, Schrijver, Poëet


“Fully engaged, awake, tuned-in, a professional all the way”.
Hans Heesterbeek, Director, Event Manager


“Onno is not only a great photographer and gifted writer, he also has great management capabilities and communicationskills. Easy to work with and an inspiring personality”.
Mariska van Huissteden, Zorgmanager

Black & White


Undone of all distractions, photography from the source, the way it was conceived. Light, dark, shadows, details, storytelling.



Photography is provided for corporate branding, magazine portraiture, annual reports, website content, events and campaigns. Onno’s specialty is signature-look portraiture; distinguished portraits that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.



Mostly working in the vicinity of and in Amsterdam, his work is published in newspapers, (corporate) magazines and a variety of websites.



Being there where and when things happen. Telling stories. Capturing momento’s. Collecting memories while they unfold.

Fine Art


Onno’s captivating fine art work is sold in limited editions. His smaller pieces can be bought via the Web Shop. Limited edition pieces are signed and numbered. Contact us with enquiries. For business enquiries, art galleries and art fairs, please connect with us directly.



Capturing the dynamics of nature. Still life in movement, mutation, evolution.



One single expression to be discovered in a million and a million expressions to be exposed in just one frame: the art of capturing emotional momentums.



Setting complex human environments on a hold. Play, fast forward, pause, rewind.



The art of catching images in motion expands the storytelling possibilities and the representation’s vocabulary.

Vintage Photo Studio


Your story is unique, we make it legendary. Step back in time and pose in front of an antique wooden camera, just like your ancestors did a century ago.



Onno and his team travel throughout Europe and internationally to cover weddings. Whether you are planning a large wedding or an intimate ceremony, we are happy to handle your enquiry and get back to you with a free quote.

OVM Blog


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Looking for someone who can deliver an experience?

Onno writes for a variety of clients in the publishing sector, such as newspapers, (corporate) magazines, websites, governmental organisations and news organisations. Not so much a mainstream writer, more a critical writer with a positive attitude. He also published some biographies about artists in the Netherlands.

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Nieuwe website online

De nieuwe website van OVMfotografie is online. De techniek werkt, de inrichting gaat de komende periode de nodige aandacht vragen. Met diepe dank aan mijn vriend Enrico Cioccolini zonder wiens kennis, kunde, vaardigheden en inzichten dit niet tot stand was gekomen.