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Step back in time and pose in front of an antique wooden camera, just like your ancestors did a century ago. Posing allows you the insight to what it was like for your ancestors to pose, needing to sit completely still as the photographer focuses on you from beneath a heavy black cloth. At Vintage Photo Studio we use one of the original methods of photography, creating hand made negatives on glass plate. The result is an old looking photograph with what we call “perfect imperfections”, creating a unique work of art every time. We take photography back to what it is all about; a special, magical, authentic capturing of you that transcends space and time.

Your unique moment captured forever.

Pure and raw photography as it was meant to be.

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Onno writes for a variety of clients in the publishing sector, such as newspapers, (corporate) magazines, websites, governmental organisations and news organisations. Not so much a mainstream writer, more a critical writer with a positive attitude. He also published some biographies about artists in the Netherlands.

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Nieuwe website online

De nieuwe website van OVMfotografie is online. De techniek werkt, de inrichting gaat de komende periode de nodige aandacht vragen. Met diepe dank aan mijn vriend Enrico Cioccolini zonder wiens kennis, kunde, vaardigheden en inzichten dit niet tot stand was gekomen.